Elite Heating Boilers


The Elite Heating Boiler

Ultra High Efficiency, Condensing Gas Fired Heater/Boiler

The Elite Heating Boilers® feature a bold new appearance, coupled with highly engineered components, designed to offer our customers significant improvements in Performance, Quality and Serviceability. In 1999, Heat Transfer Products was the first company to innovate and offer low mass high efficiency boilers to the North American market. Now, Heat Transfer Products continues that tradition of innovation by introducing the Elite Heating Boiler to the North American Market. The Elite Boiler lineup is uniquely designed to offer best in class features to the heating industry.


Heat Transfer Products is proud to introduce Total System Control which incorporates advanced monitoring and system controls to our lineup of products. The Elite Heating Boiler® gives homeowners and contractors alike the security of having an advanced system that monitors boiler performance, allows the unit to be cascaded, offers outdoor reset and easily integrates system components. TSC® has programmable maintenance features that inform the homeowner when service should be performed and is displayed on a newly designed 40 character multi-line display.


  • 6 to 1 turn down ratio
  • Six input options ranging from 80,000 to 399,000 BTU’s
  • Up To 98% AFUE
  • Floor or Wall Hung
  • Total System Control
  • All New Appliance Finish
  • Hinged arm provides easy access to control board and combustion system
  • Vented in easy to install PVC venting and utilize a built in ULC S636 compliant CPVC adaptor

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